At Bliss Vacation Rentals, we’ve found a fantastic way to boost your earnings: offer extra services that guests might need or want during their stay. By showcasing these services in your listing and mentioning them before guests arrive, you’re enhancing their experience and increasing your profits.

Convenience at Its Best: Equipment Rentals

Guests often need to remember to bring items needed for various activities, especially bulky ones. Offer rentals like mountain bikes, city bikes, kayaks, ski gear, snorkel sets, and tennis equipment. Just like regular sports rental shops, ensure guests sign basic waiver and damage forms. This way, both your equipment and your guests are safeguarded.

Transportation Solutions

Even if your rental is accessible by public transport, offering private transportation can be a big plus, especially for guests arriving at odd hours or with lots of luggage. Be sure to price your service competitively, around 10-20% cheaper than common ride-sharing options, to make it an attractive choice.

Babysitting: A Parent’s Relief

Offering babysitting is a less common but highly appreciated service. Parents can pre-book, allowing them to check references and reviews of your babysitters. This service can be a game-changer for parents looking to enjoy a date night during their family holiday.

Ease and Enjoyment: Shopping & Laundry Services

While most guests handle their own shopping and laundry, offering to take care of these chores can add a touch of extravagance to their stay. It’s all about letting them relax more and worry less.

The Luxury of a Private Chef

Elevate the dining experience by offering a private chef to prepare meals. This could range from a full-blown dinner to accompanying guests for grocery shopping.

Simplified Meal Options

Not every meal needs to be extravagant. Offer services like breakfast preparation or snack delivery, akin to room service. Quick and convenient options like pizzas, wings, and ice cream can make guests prefer your service over external food delivery, especially if priced right.

Efficient Payment Process with Vendors

When using external vendors like chefs or babysitters, handle the payment collection and disbursement yourself. This simplifies the process for guests and builds a feedback loop between you, your guests, and your vendors. These vendors can then become valuable referral sources for your rental.

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Win-Win-Win Situation

Incorporating these services creates a beneficial situation for everyone involved:

  • You increase your revenue.
  • Guests enjoy a more convenient and luxurious stay.
  • Service providers get more business.

Consider adding these services to your listings at Bliss Vacation Rentals, a leading short-term rental management company, to enhance your guest’s experience.

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