Recently, within a travel-focused Facebook group dedicated to our destination, a vacation rental owner showcased a delightful coffee mug with a bear design, inquiring about the preferred welcome gifts by visitors. The response was overwhelming. Many adored the mug and claimed it would be a memorable welcome gesture.

As the festive season approaches, this conversation inspired me to brainstorm the Christmas gifts we could offer our guests at Bliss Vacation Rentals. Over the years, we’ve left special holiday tokens for our December visitors. These ranged from handmade signs to personalized calendars and artisanal soaps.

Handmade gifts add a touch of warmth and thoughtfulness, indicating to guests that they are truly valued. Below, find some budget-friendly suggestions that encapsulate the spirit of the festive season while also promoting Airbnb VRBO management:

1. Ornaments

  • Craft a unique ornament with wooden cutouts available on Amazon. Enhance with details like the guest’s name, Bliss Vacation Rentals logo, or imagery from your location.
  • Other DIY options include painting or stenciling clear glass ornaments.

2. Magnets

  • Create custom magnets showcasing your photos, or choose from stock images on platforms like Vistaprint. Magnets can be both a delightful souvenir and a promotional tool.
  • DIY enthusiasts can opt for blank magnets from Amazon, printing their designs.

3. Hand-painted Coffee Mugs

Offer guests an interactive experience by allowing them to design their mugs with provided markers. It’s a cherished keepsake from their stay.

4. Themed Coffee Mug

  • Mountains: “Home is Where the Mountains Are”
  • Mountains/Adventure: “And so the Adventure Begins”
  • Beach: “On Beach Time”
  • City: Mugs showcasing various city names and images.
  • Logo Mugs: Introduce your logo on a mug, either for guests to use during their stay or as a keepsake.

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5. Warm Beverage Gift Sets

  • Hot Cocoa: A quirky box resembling a train.
  • Coffee: Bean Box’s Gourmet Coffee Sampler.

6. Boxed Chocolates

Options range from Ferrero Rocher to Lindt LINDOR truffles. Consider purchasing in bulk and placing a bar of chocolate on guests’ pillows for that extra touch.

7. Gourmet Sampler Packs

Explore a range of exotic treats, from game jerky sticks to vegan granola bars.

A Gesture of Gratitude

It’s invaluable to express gratitude and extend your hospitality, especially during the holiday season. These small gestures, accompanied by a handwritten note, will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Are there any budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas you’ve encountered for vacation rental guests? Feel free to share your suggestions!

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