Lately, there’s been a cool shift in travel habits – people are blending business trips with leisure fun, aptly named ‘bleisure travel’. This trend is catching on fast, with a whopping 60% of business trips now sprinkled with a bit of leisure, and it’s not slowing down. If you’re a short-term rental owner, there’s a sweet spot for you here. This post dives into how you can make the most of this bleisure boom.

Workspace Essentials in Your Rental

For the work side of bleisure, travelers need a comfy spot to settle down with their laptops. Think about kitting out your rental with a cozy desk, a nice chair, and speedy Wi-Fi. Throwing in extras like a printer, a whiteboard, or a conference phone could really impress those who need to mix business with pleasure.

Show Off Your Local Gems

Since bleisure folks want to explore, make sure to list down all the cool spots around your rental – like eateries, museums, and other hot attractions. Partnering up with local businesses for some sweet deals or discounts could also be a big hit with your guests.

Flexible Timing is Key

Business types are usually racing against the clock, so being flexible with check-in and check-out times can be a game-changer. Self-check-in options and some wiggle room with timings can make a world of difference for these guests.

A Chill Vibe for Downtime

After a long day of work, your guests will want to kick back and relax. Set the mood in your rental with comfy seats, soft lighting, and a tranquil d├ęcor to help them unwind and recharge.

Concierge Touches for Extra Comfort

Adding a concierge twist can elevate the guest experience. This could be anything from info on local transport, airport shuttles, top dining spots, to handy services like grocery runs or housekeeping.

Privacy and Security Matter

Remember, business travelers often have sensitive info with them. Offering secure Wi-Fi and a safe for valuables is crucial. Plus, ensure your rental is in a safe neighborhood.

Sweet Deals for Longer Stays

If your guests are in town for a while, consider offering discounts for longer stays. This could attract more bleisure travelers looking for a cost-effective yet comfy place for their extended work-play visit.

Wrapping Up: Bleisure is Booming

In short, bleisure travel is all the rage and it’s a great chance for short-term rental owners to shine. By focusing on work-friendly amenities, local attractions, flexible timings, a relaxing environment, concierge services, ensuring safety, and offering long-term discounts, you can really appeal to this growing group of travelers.

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