How to Secure Positive Reviews as a Guest

To secure a positive guest rating on platforms like Airbnb, respectful property usage and transparent communication with the host are paramount. Post-pandemic, the demand for Airbnb-type accommodations has seen a remarkable surge. Data from AirDNA highlighted a 26.6% increase in short-term rental demand in a year-over-year comparison for September.

Reviews function as a two-way feedback mechanism on peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb. Guests leave reviews for properties and hosts, aiding subsequent travelers, while hosts review guests to inform other hosts. A low or missing guest review can challenge securing bookings, especially during high-demand seasons.

Patrick Moltrup, an Airbnb host from Coachella Valley, sees no reviews on a guest’s account as a potential issue. He mandates a review before confirming a booking. Yet, getting favorable reviews as a guest isn’t rocket science. Adhering to a few essential guidelines can differentiate between a confirmed or declined reservation.



Accessing Your Guest Reviews on Airbnb

Once your stay concludes, hosts often leave a review from 1 to 5 stars. These reviews, tucked away in account settings, can be accessed by navigating to the ‘Account’ section and selecting ‘Go to profile’ from the top-right section of the website or app.

While the numerical rating remains concealed from guests, any written feedback can be viewed. Only when attempting to book does the rating become visible to hosts. Barring any external revelations, your guest score remains confidential.


The Importance of Maintaining an Amazing Rating

A seasoned Airbnb specialist, Scott Lieberman, points out that guests can influence these scores while hosts have the lion’s share of responsibility in rating. Basic respect for the property and adherence to house rules generally leads to favorable feedback.

Before confirming a booking, ensure you’ve gone through any stipulated house rules, like noise restrictions or smoking bans. While unforeseen events might occur, how they might influence your review is unpredictable. Addressing any accidental damages promptly can stave off negative feedback.

Consistent and clear communication is another key area highlighted by hosts. A failure in this can dent a guest’s rating, while good communication can significantly uplift it. Common courtesy is always a winner; hosts tend to leave positive reviews for polite guests, overlooking minor mishaps.


Navigating Negative Guest Reviews

At times, despite all precautions, a negative review might surface. This can impact prospective bookings and your overall guest score. To address this:

  • Responding to the review: Offering your perspective, especially respectfully, can provide clarity for future hosts and might even lead the original reviewer to re-evaluate their comments.
  • Connecting with the host: Clarifying any misunderstandings by reaching out directly to the host can be fruitful.
  • Contesting the review: If a review seems biased or off-mark, you can challenge it, ensuring you’re in line with Airbnb’s guidelines.


Patrick Moltrup emphasizes that hosts meticulously sift through reviews, pinpointing concerns like poor communication or damages, and take them to heart.


Wrapping It Up

Retaining a positive rating on platforms like Airbnb is invaluable, given the personal nature of the reviews. Future bookings can be seamless by respecting the property and ensuring clear communication with the host under the umbrella of short-term property management. 

However, a negative review can be a potential roadblock, especially during popular travel seasons. Unlike ride-sharing platforms, where ratings might plummet for minor reasons, Airbnb hosts generally forgive minor slip-ups.

Lastly, you can consider other Airbnb choices or deny the request if faced with excessive checkout demands, like garden maintenance. Reinforcing this, Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, voiced on Twitter that guests shouldn’t feel obligated to undertake tasks like bed stripping, laundry, or vacuuming as they check out.


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