If you’re in the vacation home management game with Bliss Vacation Rentals, knowing how to make Google work for you is key. First, you need a slick, SEO-friendly website to climb up Google’s search results. Then, you’ve got Google Vacation Rentals to consider. Ever googled something like “texas vacation rentals”? You might have seen Google’s Vacation Rentals section pop up, showing you relevant listings complete with photos, pricing, and location details.

The Lowdown on Google Vacation Rentals

Google Vacation Rentals isn’t exactly Google Maps, though it looks similar. It’s more of a directory that uses info from various listing sites. Click on a property, and you’re off to TripAdvisor, Airbnb, or similar sites to actually book. This feature is still new, but we’re betting it’ll soon be a big player, much like Google’s hotel search feature.

Navigating Google Maps Listings

Now, Google Maps is a different beast. It links to your Google My Business Listing and requires a bit more effort to get your property featured. Listing your property on Google Maps doesn’t automatically put it on Google Vacation Rentals and vice versa; they’re two separate ways to market your vacation rental.

Getting Listed with Google Vacation Rentals

For Google Vacation Rentals, you don’t need to do much except get your property listed with an approved channel partner like Airbnb or Vrbo. But if you’re only taking direct bookings from your own website, sorry, you won’t show up here. And you can’t really sway Google’s choice for top listings – that’s all down to their algorithm.

Dealing with Google Maps Policies

Listing a single property on Google Maps? You’ll need a Google My Business Listing, which requires a non-residential business address. This might be a hurdle for single-property owners, but not for property managers with an office.

Tips for Your Google My Business Listing

Property managers, listen up! Fill out your Google My Business listing thoroughly. Include working hours, contact info, quality photos, and your website link. Remember, reviews are key here. They significantly impact where you rank in search results. Encourage guests, especially those who book directly, to leave reviews, but no bribing for good ones!

Boosting Your Presence with Citations

To up your game in Google’s rankings, network with local businesses and services for citations. It’s about getting your name out there – in news stories, travel blogs, and local partnerships. Building real relationships with local businesses and journalists is way better than spamming for citations.

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