What’s the Scoop on Mid-Term Rentals?

If you’re toying with the idea of offering Mid-term rentals, it’s good to know what sets them apart from the more familiar short-term options.

  • Short-term Rentals: Generally booked for under 30 days, these are the go-to for vacationers and business travelers. They’re usually less regulated, but that’s changing with local laws. The flip side is they require more frequent turnover and upkeep.
  • Mid-term Rentals: Available for 30 days up to a year, these are perfect for folks like relocating professionals, students, or anyone in between houses. Plus, less turnover work and a more stable income? Win-win.

Legal Heads-Up

Before you dive in, check the legal rules where you live. Some places treat mid-term rentals like long-term ones, which means specific tenants’ rights and lease agreements.

Features to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Here’s how to up your mid-term rental game:

A Work-From-Home Haven

Having a dedicated workspace is a game-changer. Aim for a desk, comfy chair, and good lighting. Little things like chargers and stationery can also go a long way. Check out the Lovouse 55” L Shaped Desk for a spacious and versatile option.

A Kitchen That Rocks

Offer a fully equipped kitchen for those who love to cook or for quick microwave meals. For a premium coffee experience, consider the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio. It’s got stellar reviews and brews both single cups and full pots.

Cozy Living Space

Make sure there’s a snug area with a sofa, chairs, and of course, a TV with strong WiFi. TCL offers a range of smart TVs that could be just what you’re looking for.

Laundry Sorted

A washer and dryer combo saves your guests time and money. The GE Profile Smart Front Load combo is an efficient and space-saving pick.

Pet-Friendly Vibes

If you allow pets, designate some outdoor and indoor spaces for them. Consider an Orthopedic Dog Bed from The Dog’s Bed brand, which is easy to clean and super comfy.

Location, Location, Location

Being centrally located is a big deal for guests who want to explore. Stock up on local menus and guides; you could even go digital if your platform allows it.

Parking Space

Having a designated parking spot is super convenient for guests with cars. Signage can help make sure everyone knows where to park.

Safety First

Security features like cameras and deadbolt locks add peace of mind. Just remember to disclose any cameras in your listing and avoid indoor cameras to respect guests’ privacy.


Mid-term rentals are a solid choice for both hosts and guests, offering affordability, convenience, and a homey vibe. Make your place irresistible with features that go the extra mile, and you’ll see guests returning time and time again.